Faith Church in Egypt

To worship God and serve the Lord in His people of Egypt, by leading them to know the Lord, holistically develop them and meet their physical, spiritual, social and physiological needs.

خدمة المتزوجون

تواجه الأسرة المسيحية في عصرنا الحالي تحدياً إيمانياً لم تكن تواجهه في الماضي. إننا نلاحظ حالات متزايدة من الفتور الإيماني عند عامة الشعب المسيحي، خاصة الشباب منهم، وضحالة إيمانية في فهم المعنى الحقيقي للإيمان المسيحي وما يتطلب ذلك من ممارسة وسلوك في الحياة العامة داخل الأسرة وفي المجتمع،

عن خدمة المتزوجون

Children Ministry

Our churches are located in very crowded communities all over the country. Most of the people in these communities are under the line of poverty (poor low socio – economic class). Our ministry among the children starts from the very first day of establishing and planting the church. We as Faith Church consider the children ministry dimension, is primary as well as crucial in our ministry nowadays. We believe that equipping and developing the new generations, especially children, will give us better communities in the future as well as prepare a second line holding the light and the ministry in a dark world. The ministry among children is not encompassed in the spiritual approach, but it extends to reach them physically and psychologically.

About Children Ministry

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